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it governance

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IT governance is the difference between success and failure in today's high technology environment.  Organisations are more and more dependent on their information systems.  Regulators and the public are increasingly concerned about the proper use of information, particularly personal data.  The threats to information systems from criminals and cyber terrorists are increasing.  The situation continues to deteriorate.  Many organisations are identifying information as an area of their operation that needs to be protected through corporate governance plans as part of their system of internal control. 

Intellectual capital and project governance

Companies depend on information and a significant part of their market value is made up of intangible assets - read more aboutIntellectual Capital here. Organisations invest significant resources in information technology as an enabler to achieve strategic goals.  Effective corporate governance should ensure that IT projects are aligned to corporate objectives and that IT expenditure is appropriate for the business requirements.

An IT governance framework enables management teams to make better decisions about securing their critical information and IT infrastructure and protecting their intellectual capital.  IT project governance ensures that complex IT projects deliver the value expected of them, rather than an expensive and embarrassing failure.  An appropriate governance framework helps save money by ensuring that all expenditure is appropriate for the risks being tackled.  It also enables business analysts to better understand and compare the way in which public companies manage their technology investments. 

Basel 2

Financial sector organisations have to comply with the operational risk management guidance provided by the Basel Committee.  The 10 principles set out in the Basel Committee's Risk Management Group's paper on the management and supervision of operational risk are best addressed from within an IT governance framework that ensures that measures taken to assess, control and monitor operational risk are integrated with the firm's overall risk and information management strategy.

We can help you

So, we can help you: whether you are a financial sector business dealing with Basel 2 operational risk issues, a UK or EU listed companysubject to the Corporate Governance requirements of the Combined Code and the Turnbull Report or Sarbanes-Oxley, an organisation subject to privacy regulations or any data protection rules, or if effective corporate governance, risk management, compliance,business continuity management, project governance and information security are essential to your mission, our leading edge books, tools, international standards and consultancy services can help you implement practical, strategic solutions (including ITIL® & ISO20000) that will improve corporate governance and shareholder returns.