Throughout the day we will be running a number of small educational streams covering:

·       The Israeli start up scene

·       Israel’s international partners

·       What the rest of the world can learn from Israel

·       The latest cyber-attacks and how they were mitigated

·       Global cyber security cooperation

·       Malicious cryptomining

·       The Russian threat and other nation state actors

·       Information sharing

·       Personal identity

·       High risk industries

·       Ransomware

·       IoT

·       DDoS

·       Encryption

·       Open Source & License Management 

·       APTs

·       ID management

·       Data protection

·       Threat intelligence

·       Intrusion detection

·       Incident response

·       Cloud security

·       Cyber terrorism

·       Hackivism

·       Protecting critical infrastructure

·       Insider threat

·       Social engineering

·       Big data

·       Space hacking

·       Artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning

·       The Israeli Government’s cyber security strategy

and many more....

These streams will be made up of main plenary speaking sessions as well as small workshops throughout the day