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My1Login is the UK’s most secure, most widely-compatible, award-winning enterprise Identity & Access Management solution that enables organisations to mitigate password-related cyber-security risks, control user identities and help meet critical compliance obligations such as GDPR.

My1Login’s IAM solution solves the problem of weak passwords and practices, enabling organisations to control user access and centralise identity through Single Sign-On. Its SSO integrates with all app types - web apps, mobile apps, flash apps, virtualised apps, and even legacy, thick-client apps and mainframes.

My1Login can also be used to prevent phishing by centrally creating password policies that automatically update user passwords on third-party applications. These passwords can then be hidden from users on the My1Login system so users are able to log into the application, but are unaware of the password for it - and if they don’t know the password, how can they be ‘phished’ for it?

My1Login’s auto-detection of applications further reduces the attack surface by removing the blindspots created by Shadow IT.

My1Login is a UK leader in protecting against enterprise cyber security threats through its Identity and Access Management solution.