Exclusive access to intelligence from Scotlands industry-leading experts

It’s our 13th year and we are taking advantage of the booming cyber security industry in Scotland by expanding our event series to Scotland on 26th March 2019. The global event will showcase Israeli talent, giving delegates the opportunity to enjoy networking time, streams and bigger names than ever before. The Future of Cyber Security Scotland 2019 will be a closed-door, invite-only conference and expedition featuring 600 hand-picked senior executives from major firms.

The expanded conference and exhibition is aimed at board level executives and senior IT decision-makers from government and industries including critical infrastructure, healthcare, retail, and financial services.

In just one day, the event will provide essential intelligence that enables senior personnel to stay one step ahead of cyber criminals as the attack surface expands. The conference covers today's cyber security trends and threats across the world - as well as those of the future - equipping delegates with the tools needed to cope in an increasingly complex global landscape.

In addition, the global event will examine the latest cyber security strategies and technologies including those fresh out of Scotland's cyber security start-ups. It will cover new forms of attacks such as illicit cryptomining, as well as looking at blockchain and machine learning’s potential to help improve cyber security.

The conference will also look at some specific attacks Israel has mitigated, examining what the rest of the world can learn from this thriving cyber security economy.

Join industry leaders and experts in cybersecurity for Cyber News Group’s latest event, Cyber Security Evolution Scotland.


The Future Of Cyber Security Scotland

This event is constructed to provide the latest industry knowledge to aid key-decision makers in their drive towards more effective cybersecurity. We take a look at the newest trends in cyberwarfare, often concerning Scottish business, but also at the national and international level to provide a well-rounded analysis of the complex state of cybersecurity. We will cover some of the nation’s most concerning security themes, giving you contemporary information that can be applied strategically in your cybersecurity planning. The main themes covered will include:

Peer-to-peer networking and cyber security technology showcase

In addition to extensive peer-to-peer networking opportunities, The Future of Cyber Security Scotland 2019 also gives senior decision-makers and the opportunity to view and try new and exciting technologies from leading suppliers of cyber security products and services.

Throughout the day, delegates will have exclusive access to the latest cyber security innovations, covering a range of focused themes such as:

●       Security post-Brexit

●       Funding innovation

●       Cloud security

●       Cybersecurity recruitment

●       Hacking and hacktivism

●       Gen-V cybersecurity

●       Resilience

●       Governance

●       Threat intelligence

●       Data protection

●       Network security

●       Preparedness

●       Incident response

●       AI and machine learning

●       Secure behaviour

and many more...