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Chairs Opening Address

Security in Scotland 2019: Legislation, Data Protection and Cyber Threats

·     The growing risks and costs of cybercrime to businesses

·     The importance of cyber skills and strategies

·     The threats to businesses and how to overcome them

·     The latest tools and technologies to fight cyber-attacks

Lifting the Lid on Cyber Safety

A former US military intelligence expert and Iraq War veteran, Mr Jones is a self-confessed one-time member of the infamous hacking group, Anonymous. Based in Houston, he has developed “exploit” techniques to help industries protect themselves through greater understanding of the specific threats they face. A great opportunity to learn from someone who is uniquely qualified to speak from both sides of the cyber security divide.

Ransomware: What is it and how much of a risk does it pose to Energy Sector

The WannaCry ransomware brought the NHS to a stand-still. Could similar attacks be imminent?

This session will cover:

What is ransomware?
How does it infect systems?
Which blue light services are most at risk?
How spear phishing emails can target staff.
What do you do in the event of a ransomware attack? Should you pay the ransom?
How can future ransomware attacks be prevented: the importance of up to date systems, and education and training. 

The Cyber Security Landscape:

The cybersecurity landscape and the key threat actors

The international response
The linkage to GDPR
Impact of Brexit on cybersecurity

Richard Parlour, Chairman EU Task Force on Cybersecurity Policy Confirmed

Cybercrime: A Prosecutor's Perspective: Case studies-Facebook, Anonymous, Spamhouse,

How Glen Mangham hacked Facebook’s source code.

How Anonymous waged global cyber campaigns.

How Seth Nolan-McDonagh almost crashed the Internet.

 Sandip Patel QC Confirmed



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One of 3 streams
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One of 3 streams
Chair's afternoon address



ICS - OiL & GAS CYBER SECURITY FOCUS “Securing the Future of the Industry against the continued Cyber Threat”

The introduction of the NIS Directive in 2018 was expected by many to be a watershed moment in ICS cyber security, as it introduced robust regulations and processes to secure control systems from cyber threat. One year on however, industrial cyber incidents continue to rise, fuelled by the ongoing increase in threat capabilities and attack methods.

Oil And Gas Industry Is a Prime Target for Cyber Criminals:

Muhittin Hasancioglu  Ex-Vice President Information Risk Management & CISO of SHELL

What are the latest technologies for securing the energy sector from cyber attacks?    

Title TBC

What is now needed to cyber protect our offshore tapestry in Scotland and the shore infrastructure that goes with it.

Malcolm Warr, Chairman, CNI Scotland

Meeting government targets on Regulatory Compliance, considering the Threat and Risk Analysis, Security Audits and Survey for a secure working environment


Everything Dark Web

Geoff White - Author of ‘The Dark Web’, investigative journalist for Channel 4 News and BBC

Industry Expert Presentation
Coffee and networking
highlights from London Conference – March. 2019 Q & A between:- Edward Snowden and Geoff White

Edward Snowden – a former NSA contractor turned Whistle-blower on some of the US’s most closely protected documents and secrets is a worldwide household name who evokes very strong feelings in many people. Now living in exile in Russia, the US Gov. wish him to face the severest penalties for his actions.

Geoff White - Author of ‘The Dark Web’, investigative journalist for Channel 4 News and BBC

The encounter was memorable!

(…with a new message from Edward Snowden to delegates live from Moscow regarding the issues for Oil & Gas sector to consider

Governments don’t understand cyberwarfare - Scotland needs hackers - Anonymous

Anonymous declared Gary McKinnon, a Scottish hacker, to be the most dangerous hacker of all time after breaking into 97 Pentagon and NASA computers through some of his work. Is it time for cybersecurity businesses and governments to fight fire with fire, hiring the likes of McKinnon to work for good? In companies that have done this, how has it changed their services?

Q&A Panel Session

The conference speakers will join together on the main stage to answer questions from the audience.

Closing remarks from the Conference Chair
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