Chairs Opening Address

Colonel (Retd) John Doody FBCS FCMI CITP IISP MIOD

Security in 2022

•The changing face of cyber crime: 2022 cyber threats and new methods to protect against them

•The risks and costs of cybercrime to businesses

•Cyber skills: The importance of education and hiring the right people

•Outlooks on AI & IOT

How AI Can Think Like an Attacker

Callum Shaw

In the face of skyrocketing cyber risk, detecting and responding to attacks is no longer enough. Organizations must take proactive steps to prevent threats before they happen, and to recover if compromised. In this session, Darktrace unveil an ambitious new approach to security, with core engines powering AI technologies to prevent, detect, respond, and ultimately heal from attacks. Together, these engines combine to strengthen organizations’ security posture in a virtuous AI feedback ‘loop,’ which provides powerful end-to-end, bespoke, and self-learning solutions unique to each organization. 

Zero Trust in principle and practice

William Holmes

An overview of zero trust architecture, principles and drivers. The practical application of zero trust network access as a solution to provide secure application access for a mobile workforce.

Keynote Presentation: Carl Miller, Partner, CASM Technology, Research Director, CASM, Demos - 'Crime in the digital age. '

Carl Miller

Carl will bring the audience to the frontlines of cyber-crime, as he sees it, today - from going on cyber-crime raids to huge gatherings of hackers, he’ll show how we're all living through an extraordinary moment in how and where crime happens. 

The Cyber Sandwich with Unitrends and Spanning

Wayne Jervis

Why let your work get spoiled by lack of backup? With Unitrends and Spanning, you can reap all the rewards of backup and, save yourself time and money in the process.

We will cover the strategies, tactics, and actions you can take today to help to reduce the frequency and severity of compromise. We will look at how to prevail at eliminating ransomware, account takeovers, data loss and downtime with Unitrends & Spanning Unified BCDR.

We’ll show you: 

  • How to be protect all IT endpoints.
  • Common misunderstandings about data protection and security responsibility in Microsoft 365.
  • How to test your on-premise backup for business continuity.
  • Bringing all protection into a single pane of glass with Unitrends Uniview.

Brought to you by Unitrends and Spanning

Keynote Presentation: Sandip Patel, Aliant Law, Managing Partner and Quantum Resilience, Director

Sandip Patel

- What did you learn from prosecuting serious cybercrime cases?

- Are cybercrime laws fit for purpose?

- Do you have any suggestions?

Coffee and Networking
Zero Trust for Applications: Protect yourself from Zero-Day Vulnerabilities

Ben Jenkins

Join ThreatLocker's Senior Cybersecurity Specialist, Ben Jenkins, as we discuss endpoint evasion techniques that are undetectable by most EDR/MDR and antivirus solutions. Understand how businesses are enhancing their cyber resilience and significantly limiting the damage vulnerabilities can inflict with a Zero Trust architecture

Keynote Presentation: Greg van der Gaast, Author and Advisor - We’re Stuffed. But We Don’t Need to Be.

Greg van der Gaast

Another look at why organisations continue to be breached despite our efforts, and how to create holistic security strategies and programmes to improve our effectiveness and solve our biggest security problems.

Lunch and Networking
Chair's Afternoon Address

Colonel (Retd) John Doody FBCS FCMI CITP IISP MIOD

Keynote Presentation: Mike Koss, Head of Security, RTGS Global - 'Why is this STILL so hard'

Mike Koss

Ex hacker come head of security, offers a light hearted insight into why Cyber security is so hard and what we can do to improve things. 

Keynote Presentation: Richard Parlour, CEO, Financial Markets Law International - 'Cyber and Saving Our Planet'

Richard Parlour

Data is being created at a vast rate of knots every day. Commonly thought to be “free”, the planetary impact of those involved in cyber is rarely considered, yet the data sector produces significantly more emissions than the aviation sector. So what do we do about it and how to we protect the planet at the same time as protecting our data?

Coffee and Networking
A ‘fireside chat’ with Nick Hewer who will be interviewed by Colonel John Doody in what will undoubtably be a fascinating hour.

Nick Hewer

A ‘fireside chat’ with Nick Hewer who will be interviewed by Colonel John Doody in what will undoubtably be a fascinating hour.

Nick Hewer is a television presenter & former public relations consultant, business magnate & media presenter. He is perhaps best known as a former advisor to Lord Alan Sugar on ‘The Apprentice’, having been a prominent figure in British corporations for over 50 years.

Using his high-profile platform across sectors, Hewer has since been involved in presenting television roles, championing small businesses & supporting entrepreneurs.

Colonel John Doody is the Author of the recent book “From Stripes to Stars,” & Director of Interlocutor Services,  a company established to promote Information Assurance & Cyber Security issues nationally & internationally.

Prior to this John served at CESG/GCHQ for 10 years in the role of Head of Information Assurance Customer Services.

Chair's Closing Remarks and Event Close
Drinks Reception